• RNDr. Marta Valášková née Chmielová, CSc.

    Marta is a research worker at the at the Nanotechnology center in VŠB - Technical University of Ostrava, Czech Republic.

    She completed her MSc. at the Faculty of Science at Charles University in Prague in 1980.

    In the same year she also got the degree of RNDr [Rerum Naturalium Doctoris] at the Faculty of Science at Charles University in the field of Mineralogy and Crystallography.

    In the year 1990 she completed her CSc [Candidatus Scientiarum] which is an equivalent degreed to PhD at the Faculty of Science in Charles University, Prague in the field of Mineralogy and Crystallography.

    Marta has published in many journals, is member of the Czech National Clay Group and AIPEA (Assotiation Internationale Pour l´Etude des Argiles), member of the Czech and Slovak Crystallographic Association.

    Her expertise lies in the field of Crystallography and Clay minerals.

  • research interests

    Crystallochemistry and crystal structures of sillicates.

    X-ray powder diffraction phase analysis.

    Natural and modified clay minerals, phase and structure analysis.

    Nanoparticle clay composites.

  • a select few of my publications

    M. Valášková, G. Simha Martynková, V. Matejka, K. Barabaszová, E. Plevová, D. Merínská. Organovermiculite nanofillers in polypropylene. Applied Clay Science, Volume 43, Issue 1, January 2009, Pages 108-112.

    M. Valášková, G. Simha Martynková, B. Smetana, S. Študentová. Influence of vermiculite on the formation of porous cordierites. Applied Clay Science, Volume 46, Issue 2, October 2009, Pages 196-201.

    M. Valášková, M. Rieder, V. Matejka, P. Capková, A. Slíva Exfoliation/delamination of kaolinite by low-temperature washing of kaolinite–urea intercalates. Applied Clay Science, Volume 35, Issues 1-2, January 2007, Pages 108-118.

    The list of publications can be downloaded in pdf version.

  • contact details

    You can reach Marta

    via e-mail at

    by telephone at +420.597.321.573


    Send me a short message.

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